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Dengue Fever


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Is Dengue a Fatal Disease ?

Yes, ......... but Don't Press the Panic Button !

It can be controlled & treated if handled properly.

Dengue fever

Dengue Virus

Dengue Prevention

Homoeopathy is the safe choice

Homoeopathy is treating and preventing dengue fever since from its origin.

Here is listed some literature evidence. But beware not to self medicate. and moreover avoid media advertised or sms advertised medicines as they can be dangerous. Consult only qualified homoeopath specially practicing classical homoeopathy.

Therapeutic hints for dengue fever by Dsa Gupta (July,1929)

An epidemic infectious disease much like influenza. It differs from influenza by the facts that Dengue has a roseolar eruption, in influenza there is no eruption; secondly Dengue has no or very little coryza which is so common in influenza. The onset is sudden, with headache and bone breaking pain all over the body and sometimes an initial rash. But after an interval of a day or two a slight or severe relapse occurs, with pain as before, fever and a secondary roseolar rash. the relapse is soon over; but convalesence may be slow, with persistence of the general pains in limbs.

The mainly useful remedies are Bryonia, Rhus Tox, Eupatorium Perfoliatum. In the first stage give repeated doses of Aconite, to be followed by Bryonia. If the pains are severe from the start, Eupatorium Per. should be given. If there is much vomiting, give Ipec. or Bry. For the gastric symptoms give Rhus T, Nux V, Puls and Ars A. When the Eruption is out Bry, and Rhus T are indicated.

Here is the remedy list from different Repertories for comparison.
Boericke - Fever
3 ACON, 2 ars, 2 bell, 2 bry, 2 canth, 2 chin, 3 EUP-PER, 3 GELS, 2 ip, 2 nux-v, 3 RHUS-T, 2 rhus-v

Murphy - Diseases
DENGUE, fever (16)
2 acon, 1 ars, 1 bell, 2 bry, 1 chin, 1 coloc, 3 EUP-PER, 1 ferr, 1 ham, 1 ip, 1 merc, 1 nux-v, 1 podo, 2 rhus-t, 1 sec, 1 sul-ac

Complete - Fever
DENGUE fever (24)
2 acon, 1 apis, 1 aran, 1 ars, 1 arum-t, 1 bapt, 1 bell, 2 bry, 1 canth, 1 chin, 1 coloc, 3 EUP-PER, 1 ferr, 1 gels, 1 ham, 1 ip, 1 merc, 1 nux-v, 1 podo, 2 rhus-t, 1 rhus-v, 1 sanic, 1 sec, 1 sul-ac

Here is regimen from Clarke Prescriber

First paroxysm, Acon. 1, 1h., followed if necessary, by Rhus t. 3, 1h.; if bone pains very severe, Eupator. perfol. 1, 1h. Flushed face, rash, pains in head and eyes, low fever, drowsiness, Echin. gtt. v. 2h. Second paroxysm, Gels. 1, 1h., followed, if necessary, by Rhus t. 3, 1h.



Prof. Dr. Rifat Hashmi

Acupuncturist & Homoeopath

* M.D.(HOM) Doctor of Medicine (Homoeopathy)
* M.D.(M.A) Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternativa)
* D.H.M.S. (Diploma in Homoeopathic system of medicine, National Council for Homoeopathy, Government of Pakistan)
* R.H.M.P (Registered Homoeopathic Medical Practitioner National Council for Homoeopathy, Government of Pakistan)
* D.Ac(Diploma in Acupuncture)
* Ex. Vice Principal, Professor of Materia Medica Noor Memorial Homoeopathic Degree Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan.
* Ex.Professor of Clinical Homoeopathic Medicine Hameed Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan.
* Principal - Lahore College of Acupuncture
* Homoeopathic Physician - State Bank of Pakistan
* Ex. Visiting Professor Medicina Alternativa Sri Lanka
* Founder Member - Common Wealth Institute of Acupuncture and natural medicine.
* Member - Homoeopathic Foundation, Scandinavian Acupuncture Foundation, International Acupuncture Science Institute of Republic of Korea, Acupuncture Foundation Sri Lanka, International Laser therapy association
* Fellow - Homoeopathic Foundation, International Magneto therapy Association
* Researcher Sexual inadequacy in Human
* Expert Medical palmistry , Medical astrology, Medical Numerology
* Expert in pulse diagnosis of Unani system of medicine.
* Founder of Photomagnetized Homeopathy
* Hypnotherapist for alcohol and tobacco addiction.
* Aromatherapist especially for depression
* Massage therapist and hydrotherapist for tension
* Conductor and planner of courses in Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, Color therapy, Aroma therapy, Biochemic therapy, Hypnotism, Massage, Hydro therapy, Diet therapy, Photomegnatized homeopathy, Iridiology, Medical palmistry and numerology.
* Participant and lecturer of different international conferences


Annual Award Hameed Memorial Hoeopathic medical College Award for best lecture on hepatitis
Best achievement award National Council for Homeopathy, Govt. of Pakistan. Best Teachers award Noor Homeopathic Medical College
Best lecture award Dr. Reckwage & co. Best lecture award

Homeopathy is safe and effective

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